GOLO Diet Reviews: Pros and Cons of the GOLO diet (2023)

Introduction to GOLO diet

GOLO diet is a three-part weight loss diet plan found in the market. According to the claim, this product can help to improve overall health of an individual, lose belly fat and also works to breakdown insulin which also aids in weight loss. It is also said to reduce the risk of certain diseases since it contains certain ingredients, however this diet plan is tricky and not approved by many doctors. According to doctors, this diet plan is ineffective and they are just claims to lure the customers that do not work and there will be no change in the weight as expected.

The GOLO diet plan was developed by a psychiatrist, Dr Keith Ablow, and a team of doctors and pharmacists over the course of five years. The website GOLO.com describes that this product targets weight gains and is a naturally healthy solution. GOLO diet sounds promising since it claims to reveal the real cause of weight loss by scientific breakthrough and reverse that cause. It states that insulin is the cause.

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The creators assert that they found a natural solution for weight gain through research, which is based on management of insulin. This hormone is responsible for controlling the metabolism of the body, weight gain and weight loss. The main aim of the GOLO diet is managing the insulin and not counting calories, unlike some other diets. According to the creators of the GOLO diet, the key to maintenance and sustainable weight loss is this.

How does GOLO diet work?

GOLO optimizes the insulin level so that it remains steady throughout the day and also, energy is maintained, fat is burnt and hunger and cravings are eliminated with fat burner. According to the GOLO website, a person can lose an average of 48.6 pounds in a year.

So does that mean that the GOLO diet is all about including those foods in your diet whose glycemic index is low and monitoring blood sugar level? Not really, because the genetics also come into picture here. This plan is three tiered. The first one is intervention and then comes the meal plan and lastly, GOLO for life plan. Magnesium oxide, chromium, zinc oxide and a proprietary blend of roots and fruit extracts are the plant based supplements which are known as weight loss supplements by the website.

Magnesium can have effects on insulin resistance, but this is only in those who have diabetes. In individuals whose insulin level is healthy, the major effect of magnesium oxide is diarrhea. Also, in certain circumstances, it can lower the blood pressure. Genetics too can determine the effects of this product. Hence, it would be a waste if you don’t know anything about your DNA.

Components of the GOLO diet

The three components of the GOLO diet plan are:

  • Supplement release - Ten natural ingredients are present in the GOLO release. They ensure safety and no side effects. Sustanon 250 for bodybuilding if you would like to increase your muscle mass. The release supplement does many functions that help to lose weight.
  • Metabolic fuel matrix - Using this component will ensure that the person does not have to count calories and also prevents them from eating pasta, butter and processed bread. For people who need some time before starting the program, a seven-day kick start is provided by metabolic fuel matrix.
  • GOLO roadmap - It basically provides guidelines and suggestions on how to figure out and change bad habits. There are no subscription programs or no hidden charges linked to GOLO.

Pros of GOLO diet

  • Compared to other diets, this diet will not cost you much and it is an affordable diet plan.
  • You have everything in your control since there is no auto ship. And you will not be charged extra.
  • Free shipping is provided by the company.
  • There is a 30 day guarantee. If the customer is not satisfied, then they refund the money. You don’t need to pay a thing if you have problems with the product or it does not work for you.
  • There is no presence of caffeine and it also contains other all-natural supplements.
  • Improves the metabolic balance through nutritious foods and portion control, gaining optimal health is the main focus of the program.
  • Effective weight loss components - The GOLO diet, made of three parts, claims that a person can attain weight loss within three months. There are ten natural ingredients known as release supplements that help to control the metabolic effect of food and control weight gain. The supplements ensure that proper the body receives balanced nutrients that are required to maintain the body’s energy, without increasing the level of insulin and fat. If the person has any concerns about any specific changes that can impact the metabolism of the body, then the person can get information from the GOLO roadmap that comes along with the release supplements. Also, the problems encountered while going through this weight loss program can be determined and overcome with the help of the roadmap.
  • Safe and sustainable weight loss solution - The GOLO diet is safe, sustainable and efficient for losing weight in a healthy way. Insulin resistance is reversed and it also helps to reduce the risk factors for chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity. The FDA has approved all the ingredients and they are natural. Also, according to the plan, there are no side effects associated with the plan.
  • Improved health - Body metabolism, aging and overall health is affected by insulin resistance. The risks of these conditions can be controlled by keeping insulin under control. The aim of GOLO diet is to lose weight along with which it also helps to eliminate risk factors that can help improve general health of the person. Within three months, the person can attain a healthier lifestyle and ideal weight.
  • Affordable diet plan – This diet helps you lose weight without losing money. You get a one-month supply of the diet, with free shipment. The remaining two can be purchased by you, if you are satisfied with the results of the first one.
  • Money back guarantee - If you are not happy after you have used the product, then they promise to refund the money. Owing to this benefit, it seems that the plan may not be a scam, but can deliver what is promised and it is genuine product.

Cons of GOLO diet

GOLO diet has some cons. Below are some of the reasons due to which some people may not go for this kind of diet:

  • Poor health condition - Many people buy this high quality diet plan in an attempt to lose weight and in return, they gain nothing. According to the claim, this diet plan aids to lose weight and improves the overall health of the person. But it will not keep the insulin level under control since it does not contain the claimed ingredients. This means that there will be no effect on the aging process since you will have a poor metabolic system.
  • No change in weight - One of the three components that is the supplement release is absent, whereas it is supposed to contain ten natural ingredients. It means that there will be several expected side effects and the weight loss will not be boosted by this product. The weight loss will not be enhanced since the conversion of glucose into energy does not happen, but it is converted to fat.
  • Is not able to increase body energy- You could also check out other weight loss supplements available in the market, if you wish to shed those extra pounds effortlessly, since according to certain reviews, GOLO diet plan just worsens the condition and it is just a scam. It converts the glycogen into fat instead of converting it into sugar. It means that when using the supplement, you will always feel less energized and more exhausted.
  • Testosterone level is not maintained- The level of the testosterone hormone declines as a person ages. It means that the overall performance is reduced. According to the claim of the GOLO diet, the level of testosterone can be maintained, however this is not true according to some reviews. The reason being that the ingredient responsible for maintaining the level of testosterone is lacking.
  • It is not safe - According to many reviews of the GOLO diet, it is claimed that this product is safe since a number of healthy ingredients are present in it. But this is not true. Side effects can be experienced since this product contains a number of additives and chemicals. Hence, some people keep themselves away from the product. Some people have experienced weight loss, but with a number of side effects such as fatigue, dizziness and nausea. Since it does not work as per advertised, hence some feel that the product is a scam. Quality results are not delivered and this product is hard to follow.
  • Side effects - According to the manufacturer, the product does not have any side effects. But according to some customers, some experienced headache, stomach cramps, feeling unwell and terrible. It means that there are certain serious side effects associated with GOLO diet plan.

How Insulin affects weight?

GOLO diet plan works on the principle of controlling the insulin level in the body by natural ingredients. Many people are not aware how insulin can affect weight. Insulin plays an important role in the weight loss process and also aids in managing aging hormones and improving the metabolism of the body.

Insulin level becomes desensitized as people age and this increases the weight. This can result in production of more insulin which can prevent glucose processing and this accumulates as unhealthy fats and the glucose is not turned into energy.

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Finally, the person gains massive weight and the risk of developing chronic diseases also increases. To get optimum results, the GOLO diet release supplements involve strictly adhering to the exercise plan and diet. Optimum weight loss is facilitated by the metabolic fuel matrix. The weight loss program is enhanced by exercise program. This diet plan should be avoided by pregnant women, children and lactating women.

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Ingredients in the GOLO diet

The ingredients in the GOLO diet plan are:

  • Banaba leaf -Banaba leaf is very useful in treating diabetes since it contains corosolic acid, which is said to be effective in controlling blood sugar. Banaba leaf helps in the absorption of carbohydrates and also helps to transfer sugar from the blood to body tissues. The leaf is also rich in antioxidants, which helps to improve the overall health of an individual.
  • Barberry bark extract -Heart health can be improved by the barberry bark extract. It also helps to restore tissue cells and improve blood circulation. Regulation of blood sugar level can be achieved by this ingredient and it also reduces the accumulation of fat, thus helping in weight loss.
  • Chromium -Chromium is an essential mineral which is widely used in many weight loss programs.For people looking to get fitter, controlling blood sugar is very important and this can be achieved by consuming this ingredient.
  • Zinc oxide -Zinc is a vital mineral that helps to maintain normal testosterone levels and also improves immunity. Large amounts of zinc are present in eggs, oysters, meat, seeds and nuts.
  • Berberine HCl -Berberine HCl possesses anti-diabetes properties. Since ancient times, this medicine has been used by Chinese people to minimize blood glucose and inflammation.
  • Apple polyphenol -Since it is rich in antioxidants, it improves the general health of an individual.
  • Rhodiola -This herbal ingredient is said to help in relieving depression and improving the nervous system. Body metabolism is improved by this ingredient and in the long run, this will help in weight loss. Furthermore, the glycogen levels in the body can be increased by this ingredient that will ultimately help in weight loss.

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What Is the GOLO Diet


GOLO Diet Review: Does GOLO Diet Work?

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What is the GOLO Diet?

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What is the downside of GOLO? ›

The GOLO Diet can be expensive, confusing, and difficult to follow. Additionally, given the lack of research available, it's unclear whether it has any additional benefits over regular diet and exercise.

How long does it take to see results with GOLO? ›

When following the GOLO Metabolic plan as directed, most people start to see results sometime within the first 2-4 weeks. Some will lose pounds first, and others will lose inches. It is important to remember that both tools are important and that everyone loses weight differently.

Why am I not losing weight on GOLO? ›

It could either be the low metabolism due to excessive reduction in calories or simply the false freedom participants have to be able to eat what they want as long as they take the supplement, people do gain weight on the GOLO diet, What are the Side Effects of Golo Release Pills?

Does GOLO interact with any medications? ›

Release contains no caffeine or other stimulants, is considered safe to take with medications and has no known side effects.

Has GOLO been proven to work? ›

There is no clear evidence on whether the GOLO diet is effective for weight loss. GOLO cites multiple studies on its website to prove that the diet program works, but those studies were conducted and funded by the company and are not in the peer-reviewed National Library of Medicine database.

Does GOLO affect medication? ›

While the company claims the supplement is safe to take with medications, at the very least you'll want to ask your healthcare team if your meds should be adjusted. (The company notes that Release may lower blood sugar, so certain medications may need to be adjusted.)

What are the 5 foods that burn belly fat? ›

7 Foods that Burn Belly Fat
  • Beans. “Becoming a bean lover can help you lose weight and whittle your middle,” registered dietitian Cynthia Sass told Today. ...
  • Swap your beef for salmon. ...
  • Yogurt. ...
  • Red bell peppers. ...
  • Broccoli. ...
  • Edamame. ...
  • Diluted vinegar.

Does GOLO make you hungry all the time? ›

When you start GOLO and follow the GOLO for Life Plan while also taking Release, you should be getting hungry every 4-5 hours. This is completely normal and what you want to happen. Letting your body feel hunger means that it's in fat burning mode, which will help you lose weight.

Does GOLO make you jittery? ›

The site also states that the supplement does not interact with other medications and does not cause a jittery feeling (something that many so-called weight-loss pills, especially those with caffeine in them, do cause).

What do doctors think of GOLO? ›

Bottom line: Experts say the GOLO diet isn't worth your money. “This is the TB12 of dieting plans,” Keatley says. “There is enough science to make this seem like a great idea but has all the hallmarks of pseudo-science.” And the fact that you have to pay for this at all is a sticking point with Upton.

Can GOLO be harmful? ›

There are no true risks with the GOLO diet (aside from some risks for people with diabetes). However, as with any diet, individuals should talk to their doctors before they begin.

What drink burns belly fat overnight? ›

What Drink Burns Fat Overnight? Drinking turmeric milk, chamomile tea, cinnamon tea, green tea, protein shake, green veg smoothies, and fiber-rich juice helps you burn significant fat overnight.

Can you eat snacks on GOLO? ›

Typically, GOLO doesn't recommend snacks unless you are going more than 5-6 hours between meals. But you can use your Bonus Serving as a snack if you would like. Note: carbohydrates should never be eaten by themselves because of how they affect your blood sugar.

Can you have cheese on GOLO? ›

GOLO emphasizes inclusion of “whole, affordable foods like butter, eggs whole milk and cheese, meats, fruits, vegetables and grains, including bread and pasta.”

Can you have bacon on GOLO? ›

And while the list of foods to avoid completely is quite short, the diet does provide a much longer list of foods that should be severely limited on a daily basis, including ice cream, crackers, deli meat, bacon, beer, wine and condiments.

How quick do you lose weight on GOLO? ›

While some people may experience greater weight loss in the first few weeks the GOLO weight loss system is designed to minimize weight loss to 1 to 2 pounds per week to minimize muscle loss. Expect an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week using the GOLO system.

Does GOLO have a pill? ›

At GOLO the best diet pills isn't a diet pill at all, but a natural supplement created with the consumer in mind to ensure long-lasting results. Other benefits that come along with the use of GOLO's Release are increased energy levels, metabolic stability, and improved sleep quality.

How many pounds a week can you lose on GOLO? ›

While some people may experience greater weight loss in the first few weeks the GOLO weight loss system is designed to minimize weight loss to 1 to 2 pounds per week to minimize muscle loss. Expect an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week using the GOLO system.

Can you eat whatever you want on GOLO? ›

What You Cannot Eat. As many weight-loss plans do, the GOLO diet restricts processed and refined foods, along with added sweeteners (including sugar substitutes). The diet encourages followers to stick with so-called "whole foods" whenever possible.

Can GOLO make you feel sick? ›

Side effects of the supplements seem to be another issue for some people who have tried the GOLO diet plan. "After about 30 days the pills started to make me nauseated. [I] stopped for a few days and nausea went away. Started again and nausea came back," another consumer commented.


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